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This course and the available resources (Minitab, and individual counseling sessions) provided me with an opportunity to further grow in quality management (i.e. from certified greenbelt to certified black belt).

Lee Whitener Consumer Safety Office

Michael Stamp is a great instructor. He took his time to help out on topic that I struggled on and was very willing to make sure I fully understood before moving on.

Justin Grover Production Manager

Juran's Black Belt Online Training allowed me to be flexible while learning the skills needed to advance my performance improvement skills.  I have specifically been able to further my statistical analysis skills needed to complete a Lean Six Sigma project successfully.

Angela Maule Director of Quality & Performance Improvement

The online workshop has been extremely useful for time strapped individuals who can not always make a scheduled meeting and have the option to listen to the recorded session at a more convenient time.

Brian McGee Program Manager

The one on one coaching is a fantastic way to gain a better understanding of the Lean Six principles as you work on your project. It's like having a Lean Six Black Belt on your team.

Derek Green Director of Quality & Performance Improvement