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IMPRO Training Program: Lean Expert

IMPRO Training Program: Lean Expert

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The Lean Expert program is designed to train participants on how to use key Lean methods and tools to improve value streams and create value for customers. In this program you will learn how to:

  • Lead with Lean
  • Employ the key principles of what is valued-added in a process to attain value stream improvement in your organization
  • Use diagnostic tools and techniques to identify and remove waste from your value streams
  • Create current state and your improved future state value stream
  • Construct and implement process controls to hold significant gains
  • Achieve significant results that affect the bottom line

 Course Duration:

11.58 hours of self-paced learning

4.5 hours of live webinars with a certified Juran Instructor 

CEU: #1.6

IMPRO Training Program: Lean Expert
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