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Juran Coaching Support

Juran Coaching Support

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The success or failure of improvement projects often depends on effective management. While training is essential for gaining knowledge, coaching ensures the learning is applied correctly throughout a project. With expert guidance from the start, your project management will be more effective, improving the chances of achieving and sustaining all the project goals.

At Juran, we provide you with one-to-one coaching to use while working on your improvement project. The typical problems our coaches help tackle are as follows:

Project identification – Help for selecting and scoping your project and determine project impacts

Maintaining momentum – Insight and encouragement to revive stalled projects

Tool choice – Guidance on selection and usage of DMAIC tools

Data analysis – Guiding statistical analysis of large, complex, and messy data sets to characterize problems and prove root causes

Accountability – Coaches provide a summary after each session with concerns, actions, and objectives to keep your project on track

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