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Juran Certification

Juran Certification

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Are you looking to complete your Lean Six Sigma certification as a Green Belt, Black Belt, Quality by Design, or Lean Expert? Do any of the following apply to you?

  • “I completed training but didn’t complete the project until later and I’m ready for certification.”
  • “I need an externally recognized certifier for my project.”
  • “I had no idea I could still work a project and get my certification.”
  • “I was certified years ago, but I’d like to demonstrate my skills remain relevant by certifying a more recent project.”

Juran is now offering stand-alone OPR certifications with Master Black Belt, Michael Stamp!

Purchasing this certification will entitle you to a one-hour presentation of your project to our Master Black Belt coach, an opportunity to revise based on feedback, and (upon successful completion) an industry-recognized Lean Six Sigma certification.

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